How to choose a luxury watch

If you're going to purchase a luxury watch as a special gift for someone you care about, you would want to be sure that the watch you choose is the perfect watch for that person. Whether it's a male or female, choosing a luxury watch will represent an accessory that will be long appreciated and loved, however, it is important to remember that each person has his own distinctive style and likeings. For this reason, before making a selection, give the thought of personality as well as for the fashion sense of the individual. 

What kind of person are you buying it for? Today, watches have gone far beyond the original purpose of only telling time. And because there are many different types of watches, movements and styles to choose from, you can’t only buy a watch for someone just because you like it. When you choose this generous gift, be sure your goal is that the recipient likes the luxury watch. So when buying a luxury watch, think carefully if it fits the personality of the person you are choosing it for. Think of the lifestyle of the person wearing the watch in addition to their activity level, type of use for the watch, and if the watch is to match formal dress occasions or every day activities.  

You want the watch to compliment the person's life and add something special to their wardrobe, so, note that if the person you choose to purchase it for likes simple styles or designs or are more into an elaborate look. What are you buying? Once you know the personality of the person you are buying for, think about the needs of that person. How do you get ready to buy a luxury watch, keep in mind that there are many kinds of watches, which can range anywhere from fashion watches, designer watches, casual watches, dive watches and novelty watches. So if you are buying a luxury watch for a very active person, of course, that would require a robust watch, one that can be used for water sports, mountaineering or other heavy activity. If you're buying a watch for someone who will use it for work, compared to the one you want to associate with elegance and stile follow this brief guide when you get ready to buy a luxury watch as a gift.

A sports luxury watch can meet the needs of an active lifestyle, not only because it can measure speed and time, but also because it will be water resistant. For the man or woman who is into sports, you might want to consider a watch with a face that is easy to read. Best to get a watch that is highly resistant to the elements.
If your special gift is going to be an elegant luxury watch, one that could be worn to work, you should consider a watch that is stylish and innovative. It follows that you want a watch that has unusual features, which may include a unique shape, a face of a different color or maybe a very elegant band.

If you've already decided that the watch you buy is going to be chic, elegant and extremely functional, you probably want a watch that not only looks good, but is always going to sharp also. Some watches are equipped with luxury features that remind a person when it's time to get to their next appointment, while other watches keep time by the simple flick of the wrist. Today, the choices are so vast that some watches also come with a GPS or MP3 player. 
Maybe you're in the market for a watch that has a more formal and elegant look. If so, consider a jeweled watch with diamonds covering the face of the watch. Any woman or man would be proud to wear a watch that is bejeweled with precious stones. More to the point, a watch with diamonds is durable as well as a luxurious and will make a very special gift and is intended to make a statement of class, distinction and functionality. When you buy a luxury watch you want to be sure that will last for decades, so when you get ready to buy a luxury watch, buy from an authorized dealer. If you're in the market for a luxury watch make it be authentic, to ensure that you get what you pay for, choose to make your purchase from an authorized dealer approved and recommended. And if you buy online, choose from a retailer who has a great selection of luxury watches and an outstanding reputation. When you get ready to make your purchase, choose from a brand who has a longstanding reputation of excellence with passion and love for luxury watches.

What are the main characteristics of a wrist watch?

The components of a watch generally differ depending on the type of movement used, ie:
  • Mechanical: these can be hand-wound or automatic watches. The automatic ones have the ability to fully charge themselves with the movements of the wearers hand.
  • Analog: these are battery powered quartz watches with the classical approach of displaying time with hands on a dial.
  • Digital quartz watches powered by battery and displaying the the passage of time in the form of numbers through the use of liquid crystals.
The watch case.
The case is the outer structure of the watch and the body in which the movement and features the watch are stored. It consists of the caseband, the back and the basel with the glass cover. The cases commonly have five different shapes: squared, rectangular, round, tonneau shaped and oval. The case can be made out of different materials such as precious metals like platinum, gold and silver or less valuable one like titanium or steel. It can also be gold plated.
The materials are described below: 1) The Platinum used for making watch cases is an alloy that contains 950 parts per 1000.
2) Gold: the precious metal that is most used for the manufacture of cases on luxury watches. The most valuable cases are those made of more than 750 parts per thousand, but in order to reduce costs without losing the right to call them "gold", some cases are also produced in alloys with 585 and 385 parts per thousand. The gold color of the case depends on the metal that is used in the alloy.
3) Titanium: is a space age metal that is proving increasingly attractive to the
production of watch cases for its high strength to weight ratio. It is
antimagnetic, does not provoke any allergies and does not corrode. It has a pearl-gray color and a smooth surface and its appearance changes with the light.
4) Gold Plating: in this case, the case is made out of brass and it is then
subjected to special treatments such as copper and nickel plating, needed to
ensure the adherence of the coatings obtained by dipping the case in a gold bath
that attaches to the substrate by electrolysis. The thickness of the coating is generally 10 or 20 microns (one micron equals 1 / 1000 mm). Another procedure, used more rarely because of its costs is lamination which establishes a thin gold foil on a sheet metal (or alloy) such as brass or steel.

Watch complecations and capabilities.

A complication is an extra function supported by a watch other than simple timekeeping thus containing movements and mechanisms prepared to perform those functions.
The most common are:

The chronograph: is a highly appreciated function; a chronograph watch also supports stopwatch capabilities alongside the normal timekeeping functionality.
The stopwatch is independent and does not interfere with the regular timekeeping.

Chronometer: This term indicates that the clock has passed stringent tests
regarding precision. Be careful not to confuse the term with the word chronograph stopwatch: they are two different things. A chronometer is a watch that has received a certificate which guarantees its accuracy and build quality and can be used to precisely calculate the longitude by means of astronavigation.

A repeater is a special watch function which acoustically indicates the hours, quarters and minutes. The mechanism is activated by a button or slide on the case and it strikes the number of hours. Repeators were generaly used to allow the time to be determined before the advent of phosphorescent materials. Watches with repeaters are now rare and very valuable.

The Tourbillon is a special mechanism designed in 1795 by Abhram Louis Breguet and subsequently patented in 1801, with the essential purpose of reducing errors caused by the uneven running of the watch balance wheel due to gravity or shocks. It consists of of a mobile structure that contains the elements of the escapement. This structure makes its own rotating motion within the watch movement. The tourbillon is a major complication for the wristwatch and represents an element of great value.

Water resistance
There are two general types of water resistant watches:

a) Impermeable: these are watches with cases that are penetrated by moisture and water. The status of water resistance for a watch should always be accompanied by a clear indication of the actual level of tightness of the case (usually shown in meters).
b) Waterproof: watches that are resistant to immersion at depth. Resistance is generally indicated in atmospheres (atm) on the back of the watch itself.

More on fake watches - Info On Counterfeit Luxury Watches - Part III

The watch industry, in recent years, has been subjected more and more to the counterfeiting phenomena. This is an area that is an inviting opportunity for counterfeiters, who are targeting products that are becoming more widespread (and hence at a higher demand) on the market.

According to studies conducted by the watch industry the production of counterfeit watches was estimated at more than 60 million units last year at more than 1.5 billion dollars in value.  It does not seem, however, that these estimates are a true reflection of reality, since, in the concerned area, it is extremely difficult to evaluate this phenomenon to its full extent.

Before considering the way in which counterfeit watches are made, a fundamental distinction must be pointed: watches can be divided into two broad categories, one of luxury, high-end, high-quality parts and the other of low price watches, without any special technical or aesthetic qualities and a high incidence rate of fungibility by the consumer.

In the case of 'high end' watches the work of counterfeiters is more profitable and there is higher demand for this type of luxury product by a public which does not have the economic resources needed to be able to purchase the original watch.  Because the reproduction of the watch is carried out with materials and technical tools of very poor quality, the profit margin for counterfeiting is quite high for each individual piece made.
If we consider that the street vendors, intermediaries and others involved in the traffic related to counterfeiting are exploited by manufacturers of counterfeits, you can easily understand how the revenue generated by the illegal trade of these products should benefit only a few subjects.
The system for the distribution of fake watches has, in essence, five main channels:  
  1. the street vendors
  2. small stalls installed in commercial areas
  3. shops selling counterfeits of famous models in an openly manner
  4. mail order, and 
  5. selling on the Internet.
The counterfeiting of watches usually involves one or more of the following issues:
  • trademark infringement: which occurs when a mark is applied, without any law and without permission from its owner (for example, under license) on the different parts of a watch or on its packaging or if the itself is used in advertising;
  • when the aesthetic form and / or appearance of the watch are used without permission of the owner of the model and infringement;
  • misuse of a geographical indication of provenance: it is sometimes found on a watch or on its packaging in a false indication of origin (the 'Made in ...’ inscription);
  • patent infringement: is the use misuse of an invention protected by a patent and incorporated in the mechanical watch;
  • counterfeit stamps of precious metals which appear on the metal parts of valuable watches( for example a stamp claiming that the watch is made from solid gold when in fact it’s only gold platted ).


How do you maintain the precision of your mechanical watch?

So, you payed in full for your stunning luxury watch, now how do you keep it as sharp as when you bought it. Here are some tips that will prevent your watch from degrading in accuracy.
  • If your watch comes with manual winding mechanism try to wind it every day at about the same time. This will keep the internal springs in tune. And if the watch has stopped completely give it about 30-40 turns. Generally when you encounter a small resistance while winding you should stop, overdoing it might hurt the internal delicate springs.
  • If you intend not to wear your watch for extended periods of time, make sure you sore it in a dry place and away from temperature extremes. Also it is a good idea to wind your watch at least once a month even if you're not wearing it because otherwise the mechanical springs will tend to loosen up and you will need to recalibrate it in order to regain its accuracy.
  • Strong magnetic fields can magnetize some internal components thus affecting accuracy. Try to avoid leaving your watch next to speakers, boomboxes, amplifiers or permanent magnets.
  • Regularly clean your watch case with soft cotton cloth to remove traces of dust and sweat from your wrist. Don't use any chemicals though, they may cause corrosion.
  • If you have an automatic movement watch try to wear it everyday at least 10 hours. If you don't wear it every day then manually wind it once every two weeks. 
  • Avoid intense vibrations and avoid dropping the watch. Also you should take care when wearing your watch while engaging in sports, especially those involving violent arm movements. Extra care should be taken with automatic movement watches which are more sensitive. 
  • Don't subject your watch to extremes of temperature because the sudden compression or expansion of the internal parts might cause them to get missaligned.
  • Avoid opening the watch case because any dust and moisture can seriously harm it.
  • You should have your watch checked by a specialist about every three years or when you notice any drop in accuracy.

TAG Heuer Men's Formula 1 Chronograph Watch

TAG Heuer CAH1110.BA0850 Formula 1 Chronograph Mens Luxury Watch The TAG Heuer Men's Formula 1 Chronograph Watch is at the same time a casual watch that you can wear with a simple t-shirt and a more ceremonial suit. The timepiece features a highly precise TAG Heuer Swiss quartz movement and chronograph capability with 3 auxiliary subdials for 30', 60", and tenth of a second. It also has a date tracking function visible through a window placed between the 3 and 4 hour o'clock markers.
The watch display features a scratch resistant and anti reflective sapphire crystal, luminescent hands and markers, titanium carbide coated unidirectional bezel.
The watch has a 41 mm solid build resistant stainless-steel case with a Formula 1 style checker flag caseback decoration and is water resistant up to 200 meters (660 feet).

What to expect from a fake luxury watch? - Info On Counterfeit Luxury Watches - Part II

What to expect from a copy of a luxury watch?

You may be interested in this info to avoid a scam but also to know the different qualities of the copies in order to acquire one of them. Make no mistake, my intention is not to help you buy a copy. Counterfeits should disappear from the market and what you can expect is nothing more than owning a copy and continuing to encourage this market fraud. Do not buy copies, give yourself an affordable watch for your budget and treat yourself with that. There is nothing more to expect from this illegal participation in this market.

The most copied brands are Rolex and Cartier. The watch market is now growing and many other brands are now experiencing the same fate: Tag Heuer, Zenith, Breitling, Blancpain, Panerai, etc..

(Of lesser quality workmanship at the best)

Grade 5
Grade 5 watches are battery watches of very poor quality. These are the watches made in China or Taiwan and the latter has very little to do with the original. Although few people will offer this kind of watches, trying to make you believe they're original.

In this category, some Rolex models, like the model "President" or the "Submariner" are the most copied luxury watches in the world.
Grade 4 
Grade 4 watches are also battery powered and of poor quality but more like the real quality watches than Grade 5. The chronograph models happen to actually work, unlike in those in grade 5. The steel used for the manufacture of these watches is an alloy of poor quality, easily oxidizing and most often blackening the wrist. Thus, because of the poor quality alloy the weight of the watch is very far from the original watch's weight. In this category you will find mostly the following brands: Alain Siberstein, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Bulgaria, Hublot, Tag Heuer, Panerai, Daniel Roth, Breguet, Jacob & Co.,  IWC Locman, Parmigiani and etc...
Grade 3
 In Grade 3, the watch begins to be more difficult to identify for many brands. Now, they still remain poor watches and just by seeing the quality of the leather bracelets, you know immediately what type of "watch" it is.

The reason is quite understandable. The people making counterfeits need to be selling them in large numbers to make a profit. Imagine the cost for making fake spare parts, lathes, glasses, bracelets, dials, etc.. The cost of manufacturing a very large number of quality parts is very high.

When assessed as precisely as possible the investment costs of such an undertaking reach about $ 2 million for a plant that would only produce fake Rolex quality models. Imagine the cost of a factory which manufactures a greater majority of watch brands ... And besides that, this fraudulent activity is also pretty risky!

These grade 3 watch models are still models of poor quality, even if they come with Japanese automatic movements, they are nonetheless poor replicas.

Grade 2
 Here we enter the category of  "average quality" counterfeits. These watches called "Japanese" with a Miyota automatic movement brand (17 rubies) inside.

In this category you will find only Rolex brand watches ... almost all watches from Rolex! Even the Submariner Memorial 50 years model has copies of it made.

Here, we will have to start looking to differentiate a real fake watch. They can still be easily identified because many of them do not have a calendar (date). The bracelet also talks a lot. Watches of Grade 2 quality do not have serial numbers, this detail appears on Grade 1 quality watches only.

As to previous models, watches in gold or gold-plated steel are low quality tend to deteriorate very quickly after purchase.

Grade 1 (or A)  Here, you enter the field of watches copied in the smallest detail ... as far as it is possible (because it is impossible to obtain a 100% accurate copy). In the field of counterfeiting, there are many lies, the first being that these watches are accurate to 99%, the second is that these watches are manufactured in Switzerland.

As I mentioned before, there are no counterfeit making factories in Switzerland. Some sites that specialize in information on counterfeiting will tell you otherwise. Do not take their items for cash, they are simply promoting the manufacturers and distributors of fakes.

TAG Heuer Men's WAE1111.FT6004 Professional Golf Luxury Watch

TAG Heuer WAE1111.FT6004 Professional Golf Mens Luxury Watch
 The TAG Heuer Men’s WAE1111.FT6004 Professional Golf Luxury Watch displays a high quality and innovative design of which we are accustomed from TAG Heuer watches. This sporty and yet stylish timepiece is a stunning accessory fit for everyday use. The cells of the black dial face create a beautiful optical illusion which is very interesting when viewed from different angles. The titanium case and bezel provide a clean and classic and yet resistant frame. This luxury watch showcases silver hands, arabic numerals at six and 12 o'clock and a date display at 3 o'clock. The durable silicone strap is comfortable and secured on the wrist with a buckle clasp.  

TAG Heuer WAE1111.FT6004 Professional Golf Luxury Watch Specification:  

Dial window material: Double sided anti-reflective-scratch-resistant-sapphire
Case material: titanium-and-stainless-steel
Case diameter: 37.5 millimeters
Case Thickness:            10 millimeters
Band material: Silicone
Band length: mens
Band width: 20 millimeters
Dial color: black
Bezel material: Titanium
Bezel Function: stationary
Calendar: Date
Movement: swiss-quartz
Water resistant depth: 165 Feet
Warranty Type: